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Terri Martin-Parisien has successfully completed her final dissertation defense. Her dissertation is, Exploring the Impact of Self-Determination on the Political Practices of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians: A Critical Content Analysis. Congratulations Dr. Martin-Parisien!

Congratulations to EFR student, Rebecca Matinda, on the birth of her son, Andrew. Best wishes to Rebecca and her new baby!

EFR Student Group's next Pink Chair will be Friday, April 29, at 6:30 p.m., upstairs at Rhombus Guys Pizza.

Jóri Thordarson, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has passed her dissertation defense.  Her dissertation was  Not Your Business: Pedagogical Lessons of Activist Resistance to Neoliberalism in Canadian Higher Education .  Congratulations Dr. Thordarson!

EFR doctoral student, Franklin Sage, has been invited as an International Visiting Scholar to the University of Passau, Germany, in October, 2016. His lecture is entitled, "The Experiences of Native Americans in the US Education System: Beyond the Mascot Controversy."  Frank will also be guest lecturing at several other universities in Germany, including, Helmut Schmidt University, the University of the Federal Armed Services Hamburg, the University of Wurzburg, and the the University of Flensburg. Congratulations, Frank, on such a prestigious opportunity!

EFR doctoral student, Brandon Wild, has published a textbook on aviation safety. You can find the book at the link below. Congratulations Brandon!

The next EFR Research Talk will take place Thursday, March 31, from noon to 1 pm in EHD room 31. Our presenters include:

Dr. Marcus Weaver-Hightower "The State of Qualitative Reliability in Mixed Research Method" and

Jacquelyn Nyenhuis "Are Perceptions of Proposed School Lunch Nutrition Interventions Biased by Political Ideology?”

Please join us.

EFR doctoral student, Thomas Solem has won the March U-Shine Award from UND Staff Senate. Check out the link for the full story.         Congratulations Tom!

 Congratulations to EFR Assistant Professor, Dr. Cheryl Hunter, for winning the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award here at UND. She will be honored at the Founders' Day award banquet in February. We are very proud. Job well done, Cheryl!

The next EFR Research Talk will take place Friday, February 26, from noon to 1 pm in EHD room 31. Our presenters include:

Dr. Steven LeMire, "Tenth Grade American Indian/Alaska Native Students’ Feelings of School Belonging, Instructional Alignment, and Math Performance" and 

Dr. Cathy Williams, EFR grad, "Examining Openness to Pedagogical Change among Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Developing & Testing a Structural Model”

Please join us.


Jane Schreck, professor of English at Bismarck State College and graduate of the former Bismarck cohort run by EFR for Teaching and Learning, has published parts of her dissertation on Wendell Berry’s philosophy of education in  In Factis Pax: Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice  ( ) and  The Journal of Sustainability Education  ( ) .   Congratulations, Jane!

Congratulations to EFR student, Craig Garaas-Johnson, for his new position as Director of Communications for the College of Arts & Sciences at the University at Buffalo. Well done Craig!

Laura Parson, doctoral student in Teaching and Learning and graduate assistant in EFR projects, has published the article "Are STEM Syllabi Gendered? A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis.”  The paper, which was begun in EFR 514: Discourse Analysis, shows how course syllabi in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) reinforce gendered messages.    Congratulations, Laura!

Congratulations to Cathy Williams for defending her dissertation, “Examining Openness to Pedagogical Change Among Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Developing and Testing a Structural Model.” Job well done.

Congratulations to these EFR students and faculty for conference acceptance and presentations:

Student Presentations:

Charles Nowlin, "An Analysis of the Twitter Discourses Within the Intersections of #BlackLivesMatter and Keyword Education.” AERA

Franklin Sage, “Two Tongues in the Land of English,” National Association of Bilingual Education; Indigenous Bilingual Education Special Interest Group

Faculty Presentations:

Robert Stupnisky

“Frustrated but Enjoying It: Pretenure Faculty Members’ Emotions forTteaching and Research.” AERA

Improving Student Relatedness Through an Online Discussion Intervention: Applying Self-determination Theory in Synchronous Hybrid Programs.” AERA 

Exploring Differences in Principal Experiences According to Rurality: A Mixed-Method Study.” AERA

Marcus Weaver-Hightower

“From Data to Comic: Qualitative Research Through Comics,” AERA.

"The State of Qualitative Reliability in Mixed Methods Research,” AERA.

EFR Research Talks






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