Resident Teacher Programs

On-the-job learning.

Partnerships with public schools are critical to our teacher education programs. At UND, we have a rich history of collaboration with school districts in our immediate community as well as around the country. Several benefits have been reaped through these relationships. Among these are increased opportunities for grants for which only public schools are eligible, ready availability of research labs for faculty studying public schools, shared research projects between faculty, teachers, and graduate students, and most importantly, the development of high quality educators who are sought out for positions in districts around the country. The Resident Teacher Program (RTP) has been acclaimed at a national level and is a key to our success in achieving NCATE accreditation.

Today, the Resident Teacher Program is seen as a cornerstone of our relationship with the public schools. The Resident Teacher Program of the College of Education & Human Development, University of North Dakota and our partnering public schools foster the mentoring of a group of beginning teachers (residents) with experienced public school teachers and UND faculty support. With this unique partnership, residents have an opportunity to earn a graduate degree through on-campus coursework and on-the-job field experience in the participating school district.

The program is offered in the areas of elementary education, middle level education, and special education.

The RTP Experience

The RTP consists of a one-year experience in which a resident, a first-year teacher in the school district, has full responsibility for a classroom, is mentored by a master level teacher, and is enrolled in seven to nine graduate credits a semester at UND. As part of this partnership, the school district pays the salary of the mentor teachers and the stipend of the resident teachers. UND has assumed the costs of the tuition waivers as part of this program and the resident teachers are responsible for University fees each semester.

Experienced resident mentors from the public schools enhance the Resident Teacher Program. These individuals coach the residents in self-identified areas for growth in teaching and work with the University faculty in development of curriculum for teacher education. The resident mentors offer residents a variety of support including consultation, demonstration teaching, and feedback. Depending upon the program area, resident mentors perform other duties for the university. For example, in the past mentors have supervised student teachers in the public schools and taught a class each semester for the teacher education program.

Apply Now

Application to the Resident Teacher Program involves a formal process that is conducted once a year during spring semester. For further information contact Dr. Bonni Gourneau at 701.777.2920 or