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In the spring of every year, the following Alumni Foundation scholarships are awarded to graduate and undergraduate students. To apply for the scholarships, please complete an online application which opens November 1 of every year with a deadline of March 1. The Scholarship Committee will review applications and scholarship recipients will be announced in April.


  • Nancy & Michael DiDonato Memorial Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate majoring in Elementary Ed)
  • Wm & Marilyn Guy Scholarship Endowment (major in Elementary Ed/Educational Leadership)
  • Rita Foundation Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Elementary Education major)
  • Mark & Gloria Sanford Scholarship Endowment (major in Elementary Ed/Secondary Ed)
  • Kim Deraney Bakken Memorial Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate majoring in Special Ed)
  • Beverly Brekke Scholarship Endowment (graduate student majoring in Special Ed)
  • Matilda Nelson Erickson Memorial Scholarship Endowment (North Dakota resident majoring in Special Ed)
  • CEHD Math & Science Teacher Education Scholarship Endowment (Student preparing to teach math or science in middle school or high school)
  • CEHD Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Studying in the College of Education & Human Development)
  • M. Collene and Dr. William Bares Scholarship Endowment (student in Early Childhood Education)
  • ETA Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, ND Scholarship Endowment (junior or senior with teaching major, female preferred)
  • Herb and Stella Gray Memorial Education Scholarship (junior majoring in education-financial need scholastic ability, and personal character are considerations)
  • Sara Fitzell Hanhan Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Early Childhood Education)
  • Frank & Carrie Kovnick Memorial Scholarship Endowment (senior or graduate in Education with financial need most deserving)
  • Lien Instructional Design Endowment
  • Mary Heather MacMaster Education Scholarship (for candidates interested in gifted education)
  • Minard & F. Jean McCrea Scholarship Endowment (One Undergraduate and One Graduate student with at least 3.0 GPA, who is a ND resident with intent to teach in ND for 2 or more years, prefer Barnes County resident)
  • Jack & Kristen Paris Family Endowment (undergrad student, with preference to ND residents, with degree in Special Education or Elementary Education)
  • Vito Perrone Education Scholarship Endowment (student should be pursuing a professional career in education)
  • Dean & Karen Schroeder (Managed by Counseling Psychology & Community Services)
  • Howard, Arlene, Henry & Marie Skjervem Education Scholarship Endowment (Student enrolled within the College of Education & Human Development)
  • Suda Scholarship Endowment ( Student enrolled in the College of Education & Human Development)
  • Paul & Bell Thomas Scholarship Endowment (graduate or undergraduate majoring in Education most deserving of financial aid)
  • Veseleyville Spirit Scholars Endowment (Early Childhood Education student, preference to a Spirit Lake Tribal member)
  • Jill & Steve Cholewa Physical Education Endowment (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior pursuing a degree within kinesiology and Public Health Education)
  • Julia Isensee Keegan Memorial Scholarship Endowment (for students studying Kinesiology and Public Health Education. Preference given to female students)
  • Len & Ceil Marti Scholarship for Physical Education Endowment (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with sound academic performance and majoring in Physical Education. Preference to those who are athletes, but not required)
  • Sandra Modisett Memorial Kinesiology Scholarship Endowment
  • Pat Warcup Scholarship Endowment (For students within the Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Wellness Department. Preference given to female undergraduate or graduate student)
  • Dr. Richard Hill Scholarship Endowment (For grad students pursuing a degree in educational administration)
  • Amy Hui-Mei Chen Hung Memorial Scholarship Endowment (For student who graduated from National Taiwan Normal University pursuing a graduate degree)
  • Dr. Sharon & David Kabes Scholarship Endowment (Graduate student working towards a graduate degree in Educational Leadership)
  • Donald K & Ann M. Lemon Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate or graduate student preparing for public school administration. Alternating years for male/female (2018 female) and students intending to teach in North Dakota or Minnesota)
  • Daniel R. Rice Educational Leadership Scholarship Endowment (doctoral student who has graduated from a Tribal College, or employed at the Tribal College, or grew up in one of the Native American reservation communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, or Minnesota. Preference to those from North Dakota)

2018 Scholarship Awards Ceremony