Teaching, Leadership & Professional Practice

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

We hear it all the time, "children are the future." The Teaching, Leadership & Professional Practices department at UND believes this to be true, and feels that preparing leaders for children is a critical step in shaping this future that our children control.

Our Programs

Students preparing to teach in the secondary schools may fulfill teacher education requirements by completing the following degree programs in the major and the professional education sequence in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Students preparing to teach music or physical education in the schools may fulfill requirements to teach grades 1 through 12 by completing the following degree programs and the professional education program in the Department.

The Department of Teaching, Leadership & Professional Practice within the College of Education and Human Development is the primary unit for the preparation of teachers and P-12 school administrators. The Mission of the department articulates the vision of creating professionals who view teaching, learning and professional practice as a lifelong journey. The department serves as the lead organizational unit for the minor and/or various endorsements at the undergraduate level. The Teacher Education Unit includes programs and faculty involved in the preparation of teachers and other school personnel. Programs within the department provide both undergraduate and graduate programs. Special education teacher credentials are offered at the graduate level. Ph.D.'s in Teacher Education, Higher Education and P-12 Educational Leadership are available.